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  • What's the maximum boat size?
    The biggest boat we can accept for a maximum lift is 12 tonnes.
  • How long should I allow for Boatyard Services?
    Please allow the day for a lift, wash, and relaunch. On occasion, it may be possible to define morning of afternoon, depending on weather.
  • What types of anti-foul do you offer?
    You may specify, and we will apply! Usual options are as detailed on the attached link.
  • What types of anode do you fit?
    You may specify the type of anode to be fitted and we will apply! The usual options are as detailed on the attached link.
  • What's your Cancellation policy?
    We will do our very best to reschedule to an alternative date which suits you, and you will be refunded the full deposit if you cancel more that 28 days before the booking date.
  • Are your Boatyard Services insured?
    We have full Public and Products Liability insurance, but you much also need to have valid boat insurance.
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